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My Self Development & Travel Journey: books that impacted my life in a positive way!

After diving head first into Self Development and becoming a passionate world traveller several years ago, you will be hard pressed to not find me with a book in hand at some point during the day. The most successful people on the planet are constantly reading, sucking up knowledge in areas they are interested in from the leaders in the field. I decided to start to emulate this quality and force myself to read for a minimum of 2 hours a day. Over the last 4 years my personal bookshelf has evolved into a small library of sorts and people are always asking me what they should be reading. so…..

I started this website for fellow passionate people into self development and all my friends to be able to quickly reference what I am reading or have read and what I think of it. I will try to mainly post positive information, if a book is lacklustre I will simply leave it on the shelf and not recommend it. The idea is to have Creme of the crop approach where anyone just getting into self development or personal growth can skip all the solid value right off any of these reviews/lists with literally ZERO EFFORT. When I fist started I spent hours searching through forums and threads looking for good books that would help my personal journey and wished there was an amazing resource where they would all be compiled in one list together somewhere. So poke around and take a look, there will definitely be something of value to be found for anyone taking action in their lives! If you feel like saving some time, my Top 10 Self Development Books¬†and Top 10 Travel Books should keep you busy for a while…..




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